Monday, June 28, 2010

When I used to come online on ym you were the first person I would jump to talk to. We used to talk and talk for hours and hours till the morning till when we felt like it was enough but even when we felt tired we still didn't want to leave but we knew we had to. I couldn't wait for the next day for the night to come once again so that I could talk to you once again, when we talked I felt so special so close to you. I could tell you anything knowing you cared. You were my special best-friend. But I knew that I was slowly falling for you. Then we slowly started to like each other. Their wouldn't have been a day when we never used to talk. I wouldn't know were I would be if I couldn't talk to her. She is something so hoping that we can always be like this and no end..because now u are part of my nymph Azelia David..

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